Review - Ruby by Amanda Burke

Title: Ruby
Ruby #1
Author: Amanda Burke
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publish Date: June 29, 2012

Barnes and Noble Nook book $6

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Amanda contacted me by email to ask if I would review her book. Since I am very emotionally driven when it comes to books, I have a really hard time accepting review books because I may just not be in the mood to read a certain book. Yes, my inner troll reader is fickle. And apparently has a few personalities as I am constantly saying, "WOW I'll read that one next! No, that one! Wait, that one!"

The book Ruby just seemed right up my alley with a strong female character, Ruby, witches, special powers and maybe, a love story.

Ruby is the daughter of a single father as her mother died years ago. When her father unexpectedly is killed, she follows a letter from her father to go meet her unknown grandmother. Her grandmother turns out to be a witch, as Ruby is a descendent of, is also a witch. Together they embark on a journey to teach Ruby how to hone her skills and possibly, save their world against an old legend. On the way she runs into Blake, a very handsome and rouge warlock.

This was a really nice light read with much entertainment. The writing was exceptional and kept me very involved in the book. Cannot wait to read the next installment! Thank you Amanda for gifting me this book!

Contact me if you are interested in this book, I am happy to pass along the goodness to a fellow reader!

Summary -
During the Salem witch hunts, an evil witch named Natasha Sullivan tricks a demon into confining himself inside an enchanted music box. She casts a spell that foretells that the demon will emerge in an unknown time in future after the birth of a child known as the Lumen Child. This child’s destiny is to bring light to the planet and Natasha knows that if he is killed then darkness will prevail. Natasha’s identical twin Sarah, discovers what her sister has done. Although she cannot break the spell she casts her own prophecy. It states that three witches known as the Triple Enchantresses will be born in the same time as the Lumen Child and they will be his supernatural protectors. The girls are not sisters, yet they will share a common destiny. Ruby is the story of the first witch and how she very nearly dies before discovering her true identity. Having grown up unaware of her powers, she is rescued by her loving grandmother who is also a white witch and taken back to the family estate where she learns everything she can about what her future holds. Ruby is the first in a four book series.

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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I can appreciate a light read very much. I like the witch discovery idea!