Comic Book Men with Kevin Smith

My fiance has me completely and utterly hooked on Kevin Smith's show featured on Netflix called Comic Book Men. It is based on Kevin Smith's comic book store and the four men who work there. Kevin Smith basically runs a (what we believe to be fake) radio show where he interviews these guys about their time in the store. They discuss things people come in to sell, crazy stars that drop by, funny comments and odd questions only true nerds can ask each other.

It is so funny. I really don't remember the last time I laughed so hard so continuously. They make fun of each other, but in a very good humored way. I enjoy that.

They are also incredibly smart. Each one has their own way of talking about comics, super heroes and scifi. One of the guys doesn't even work there. He just showed up and never left. He is just a fixture. He doesn't get paid. He just comes in, hangs out behind the counter and talks all day.

The one that amazes me though, is Walter, the store manager. His knowledge just astounds me. He can pull dates, names, writers, heroes out of no where. He seems to know everything. He also is an amazing salesman. He can negotiate a price from $200 to $475. But he also has a kindness about him where he sees people enough to give on a price to make them happy.

My favorite though is still Kevin Smith. He is only in bits of the show, but when he talks he always says something profound and thought provoking. He seems like a truly wonderful and down to earth guy. They occasionally show Jay (Kevin Smith's side kick in his movies) although I can't remember his name. He looks like he is struggling a bit. I know from reading Kevin Smith's book that he struggles with drugs, but he seems distant and grasping to engage, but I suppose that could be his personality too.

If you are looking for a good, whole-some, informative show to watch I highly suggest checking this out on Netflix.

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Kimberly said...

My husband's a Kevin Smith fan - thanks for the recommendation!