Book Review: Z Chronicles by Ann Christy

Title: The Z Chronicles
Author: multiple authors
Publisher: Windrift Books
Publish Date: June 15, 2015
400 pages, ebook


If you have followed my blog you know I am a HUGE FANGIRL of Ann Christy and I was so lucky to meet and speak with her in person at the recent UtopyaCon (now Utopia). She is an amazing writer and I just love reading her books like Strikers. So knowing she was one of the authors on this anthology of zombie stories, I knew I would love them

Ann Christy's short story in Z Chronicles starts out like a normal end of the world story. There are people who have survived the zombie apocalypse as they have paid to get into a very prestigious biosphere-like arena. She explains the established criterion and how the classes are maintained within the walls. She goes on to say that some people have gotten a better deal than other. The ending is so sick and twisted that I actually found myself laughing and thinking, "good job Ann Christy!" I did not expect her to take the story in the direction that she did. Really fun.

Goodreads Description: Z. Among the most monstrous creations of our imaginations, the zombie terrifies with its capacity to pursue its prey unrelentingly, to run it down, exhaust it to surrender.

In this title in the acclaimed Future Chronicles series of speculative fiction anthologies, fourteen authors confront that nightmare, that horrific mirror of ourselves turned base, soulless, and hungry.

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