Book Review: Witchcraft by Katie M John

Title: Witchcraft
The Meadowsweet Chronicles
Author: Katie M John
Publisher: Little Bird Publishing House
Publish Date: Oct 10, 2014
487 pages, ebook


This book was so well-written I am actually stymied. Witchcraft had everything I love in a paranormal book: three sisters, strong women I can relate to, a very solid sense of reality (ie: believable), men whom I  would fall for, mean and conniving evil people, blood, history that dates back so long ago families can barely remember what started it all, spookie houses and scary things that go bump in the night. Seriously I could go on and on. Scary is a very light word for this book. It had me on the edge of my seat where I actually considered putting it down, it was giving me the hebejebees. I am so glad I never put it down. It was magnificent.

As I mentioned, there are three sisters who have been raised in a home with a single mom who owns an apothecary store. They are known as the slightly weirdos in the town. But the girls are pretty and smart so they have learned to fit in. On the other side, there is a trio of sisters who have spent their lives making the Meadowsweet's lives miserable. Especially that of the middle sister, Fox, who lives everyday with the annoyance of Thalia making her life miserable. Fox has incredible friends who stick up for her, including the ever present Will. In walks Jeremiah, who is a spoiled rich boy who has his way with the flick of his sexy smile. Thankfully this smile does nothing for Fox, or so she things.

Just as Jeremiah comes in to the picture, Fox begins to experience visions of sort, but since she has never had them before, she is not sure that is really what they are. There are visions from the past, the future and present. She cannot make heads nor tails of them. As she has grown up sheltered from witchcraft, she is not sure she can turn to her sisters. Who can she trust?

In the midst of Fox's newest visions, there is a mysterious disappearance of a local girl and her beau. Is Fox's visions part of that chaos or is it completely on its own?

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Goodreads Description:
Ever since its earliest days, the small English village of Heargton has been steeped in the occult. Tales of witchcraft and paranormal activity have been part of the local folklore for generations. Some people blame the lay lines that intersect at the very centre of the village, others blame a terrible curse.

700 years on, Heargton Village still holds dark secrets, and when one of the village girls falls victim to a terrible ritual killing, the old superstitions resurface.

At the heart of these whispers are the Meadowsweet sisters. All beautiful, all charming, all eccentric, but it is the middle daughter, seventeen-year-old Fox, who captures the imagination of American newcomer Jeremiah Chase; a deviant New York playboy sent to live with his Aunt in the Chase ancestral home of Coldstone Hall. A place that has its own grisly history.

But, as Jeremiah discovers the history of the Meadowsweet Sisters, the Chase family history is also unearthed, leading Jeremiah to understand that good and evil are not always on opposing sides.

A tale of witchcraft, demons and ghosts, blending traditional English folklore with the American Gothic.

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