Book Review: Slice and Dice by Mariana Thorn

Title: Slice and Dice
A Skylar Wolfe Mystery Book 1
Author: Mariana Thorn
Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly
Publish Date: July 10, 2014


From page one, Mariana Thorn had me with Skylar's character. She is feisty, funny, sadistic and loves food and coffee as much as I do. This is the kind of series I want to take when my husband and I finally go on our honeymoon. It is so light and I was laughing out loud the entire book!! Not one to take on a plane bc then the people around me will be annoyed with all the laughing. Course I don't really care!!

Skylar is a strong, sexy, young and vigorous woman who embraces being female. She uses her wiles to make fun of others around her purely for her own enjoyment. But she is also extremely smart and quick. As a private detective and a sexy one at that, this comes in handy. She is constantly underestimated and that is the perfect place for her!

Book one takes us through a normal case for Skylar working with the local police department. She uses her skills to aid while getting to know the lead detective who has a cuteness to him. 

Goodreads Description: “Nothing good ever happens before ten in the morning.” ~Skylar Wolfe
Skylar Wolfe is far from your average PI. Full of snark with purple hair and a quick tongue with no filter from her brain to her mouth, trouble always seems to find her and she always drags her cousin Levi along for the ride.
But this last bit of trouble she seems to have fallen into is the deadly variety. There’s a corpse at her door (no really, I’m completely serious) with her name all over it. It seems she has pissed off the wrong person. Being Skylar, the list could be a little long. She teams up with Norcrest’s new delicious lead detective, Aiden Livingston and then leads the hunt to find the person responsible.

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