Book Review: When the Chips are Down by Anne Rasico

Title: When the Chips are Down
Author: Anne Rasico
Publish Date:  June 23, 2013
118 pages, ebook


This book was SO much fun and what a surprise! I came across this book on facebook and the cover immediately grabbed me. It is so fabulous and right on with the storyline. Nice job on the cover!!

The main character Brooklyn was so fun because she just awoke from a coma and has no idea how long she has been in it. Come to find out not only has her family moved, but the entire world has changed. It has become controlled by microchips implanted in society. She is lucky enough to have a few friends who decided to stay off the grid. They are extremely well developed characters. I really liked them all. I related to them and was completely rooting for them. Even a bit later in the book, a character comes up that appears to be a bad guy, but ends up helping, to their demise. Really a fun read!!

Goodreads Description:
You’re part of their system. You’re just another number on a long list of anonymous integers. You’re breathing their air, you’re taking up their space, and you ask for their protection by willingly handing over your freedoms and now you’re in their way!
Can’t you hear them outside? You said something didn’t you?
They’ve watched your every move and heard your words and now that you know the truth, they want your silence.
They’re here for you now.

When Brooklyn awakes from a two year coma, the world around her has changed like she never imagined. Everyone is now required to have a microchip implanted in their arm, but it's no ordinary microchip.

Her friends are convinced that the chip controls people's minds, as they've seen everyone's behavior become increasingly strange. While seeking refuge on a secluded farm with her friends, Brooklyn learns of a secret plot that will ultimately destroy the world. She and her friends must act to expose the truth before it's too late.

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