being sick, obssessing about food and the rolling stones

I was thinking that if I looked back on my posts since I started this blog they are about two subjects - being sick and my new beau.

Hello!! WTH!

I just can't kick this virus whatever it is.

First I had swollen glands, swollen throat, sore ear. Then I was deathly sick with vomit and diarrhea and now I am working my way into a cold. I can feel that horrible watery feeling in the back of my throat.

I am having issues with food too. Everything sounds good. In fact, I pretty much spend most of my day thinking about food. But the moment the food hits my stomach, it just doesn't go down anymore. I have been trying to keep my food lite, but ugh food just doesn't sit as well as it sounds.

On a completely other side note, I am in LOVE with this Rolling Stones song - Beast of Burden.

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