like a little girl wearing a new Easter dress

When my niece, Bugley was around four years old, she was wearing this very girly dress. She obviously liked it because she came out of her room and started twirling around in front of the floor to ceiling mirror in my parent's entryway meanwhile saying "I'm SO pretty!" And then proceeded to lose her footing and smack her forehead into the window seat.


I wore a skirt to work today. It was beautiful. Seriously gorgeous. It had a liner underneath and it frilled out with waves. When I walked it created this pretty swirl around my legs.

I don't usually wear skirts. Ever.

For some reason this skirt just felt good when I tried it on. So I bought it.

It's the perfect length too. Just right about my knees so that if I do actually decide to work (at work) I won't feel like I have to be all weirdly female in my bending and sitting action. I just hate that.

It it a really wonderful orange color with vines of green and blue. I love vibrant colors. This is definitely a "ray of sunshine" kind of skirt.

All day today, I felt so incredibly pretty. I just couldn't walk in it without swaying my hips a little. (just a little)

The people at work kept commenting on my happy persona today. I blame the skirt. It just made me feel so incredibly pretty. I confess, I don't often feel that way.

I did in fact add to the skirt by wearing heels. Not high heels, just some very girly (with sparkles) brown 2" heels with this ribbon affect around the edges.

But all day I was thinking about Bugley and her goose egg on her forehead from twirling. I was very careful not to get too carried away and twirl.

I am very aware that I am a klutz.

Very aware.



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