explain the hostage WW pic

If you have seen WW pic then you will be looking for an explanation.

I received an email the other day from Saint

Subject line: Warning!!

I scrolled down and read the following

meet me for cheese steak night or the hair clip gets it!

Saint and I have a standing date night (of sorts) where we go and enjoy the awesomely gooey good Cheese steak sandwiches and fries. They're buy one, get one half price which makes it even better. Not to mention it hasn't happened in awhile because I have been sick.

Irony is that after that amusing email, I ended up going home and falling asleep waking up too late to really go out. I sent Saint a text telling him so. He texted me back that the hairclip would have to get it because otherwise it will give the toothbrush and phone charger the wrong idea. I then replied that I would be willing to substitute the hairclip hostage for the toothbrush because I really need that hairclip, but not a big fan of the toothbrush. (seriously it's kind of a crappy brush)

We're just silly like this


Brooke said...

That is so sweet... Well, minus the whole trying to take out the hairclip because that's a no no... The toothbrush fine but not the hairclip.....

homeschoolceo said...

Aha, so glad you explained that. For a minute there I thought someone was in serious need of a good glass of wine and some dark chocolate after a bad hair day.