american flags bad? on cinco de mayo, really?

Okay now it's gone too far. Did you SEE this?!?!

They actually sent home American students for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

Now I get that it may cause controversy, which schools don't want, but we are all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH and this was very tame, non violent speech for students. I mean hello, the students are taking a stand. They are paying attention. They are saying I care about what is going on in my country. No matter where you are from, or what you believe. You have to care that students are paying attention!!

My niece is 13 years old. She doesn't really know what is going on. It's just a fact. But when we talk about the situation, she has an opinion. Holy cow. Whether she agrees or not, with my opinion, I am SO PROUD of her!!

That is what this country is about. That is what we stand for:

Reverse the item and see how many students they would send home wearing Mexican flag tees on July 4th?!?!?!?!


jayayceeblog said...

It will be interesting to see what the school district does as a follow-up on this and if any lawsuits transpire. It is unfortunate that American students wouldn't be allowed to wear patriotic apparel any day of the year. I have to say, though, the school administration was probably simply trying to prevent fights and injuries that could affect a greater number of people. How much worse it would be if someone were killed because of this. The whole thing is just plain sad!

heavenisabookstore said...

Thank you for your comment. And I agree with you regarding the "preventing fights". I think it is sad that we have come to this. Where students cannot protest in a non-violent way. I find it sad that we don't talk about this stuff, instead we send the students home where they have time to find a different way to express themselves.