Breakfast - healthy and tastes good

I'm guessing about 75% of the time for breakfast for the past 31 years I have eaten cereal. All types of cereal.

  • fruit loops
  • honey nut cheerios (with sliced bananas)
  • pops
  • special K with yogurt
  • apple jacks
The other 20% of the time I have eaten oatmeal. Instant oatmeal. Peach flavored.

I love breakfast foods, but in all honesty I am not much in making food in the morning unless I am off work for the day.

I want something quick and easy. But more importantly something that tastes good.

Cereal always tastes good.

In the past week or so I have switched it up. Thanks to a tip from a woman I work with.

Every morning she makes her son eggs and bacon for breakfast and because she does this for him (a simple request according to her), she makes herself breakfast as well.

Spinach and egg whites.

I listened to her explain how she prepares this. My jaw drops, it's so easy. My automatic reaction, it can't be that easy. It never is.

So one morning Saint and I decide to make breakfast. Since he goes to work at 3am most mornings, he is up earlier than I am on days off. (but that isn't why he got up and went to the store before 7am - he did that because he is awesome) He got up and bought food.

Eggs, cheese, bacon, ham (his request), spinach and peppers (my request).

And after this morning, a new addition to my breakfast was born.

Spinach and eggs.

With a small change to my friend's breakfast - I like egg yolks.

So here's how I make it:

1. Wash the fresh spinach, spray the pan with PAM and then put the spinach in the pan. Let it cook for about two minutes.

2. Crack the eggs in over the spinach. Don't mix it. Just crack them and leave them to cook. I think it's about four minutes.

3. Flip the entire egg and spinach creation over. Let it cook. No really, leave it alone, don't mix or cut or anything. If you have to, make coffee or do the dishes or something so you're not tempted. It cooks for about another four minutes.

5. Done. I add toast, though when I get out the grocery store I plan to pick up some english muffins. Oh, yum. That is homemade (grandma's homemade) rhubarb jelly on that toast.

See how easy it is???

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jayayceeblog said...

Wow, that really does sound easy and so delicious. Definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing!!!