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When Donna Downey was here this past weekend, I took two of her three classes. The one I didn't take, I was able to purchase her kit to do later. After committing to myself to "play" at least one day a week whether it be a full on scrapbook page, a little 4x6 watercolor or what. It doesn't matter as long as I do something creative and enjoy it. No stress. No worry about what it looks like or what it will look like.

Today, mom came over and we played. I am really excited that my new place is so space friendly. I have more than enough room to put us in my craft room or at the dinning room table. Since I have yet to catch up on some of my weekly shows like Bachelorette and Castle, I decided we would be better at the dinning room table. Better access to tv (hulu.com). smirk

I set us up so that we were on the same side of the table. I find this easier for sharing tools and supplies. I had recently picked up Gesso, Molding and crackle paste as well as one of the cool H2O pens for watercolors.

Waiting for my mom to arrive (I was up a bit early this morning), I decided to start on the elegant garden kit. It had great colors and I wasn't sure what was all involved.

I love the kit came with color picture and instructions PLUS I went to donna's website and found in more detail how to do the fabric flower petals. She is such a great resource for learning new techniques. I really love that she is so great about taking something someone else did and making it my own. She says, "there is no such thing as a unique idea." I have been watching her back episodes of "inspiration Wednesday." It is very cool to watch her create something so original and fresh in just 10 minutes. I feel inspired and ready to play too.

I am struggling a little bit with the watercolors/pen. There is always a residual dark spot where I initially lay down the paint and then using water spread it around. I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of that. It doesn't end up blending in so well.

I hadn't planned on using a photo of myself in this, but since my grove lately seems to be around centering myself and getting back to what makes me; it just worked. I am very happy with the results. While I was waiting for mom to finish up so we could grab some lunch, I realized that I wanted to hang it on the wall. I was thinking ribbon of some sort, but it ended up on a wire hanger with some of the tags out of a different kit.

I'd really like to get some wire things so I can mold the wire hanger into either a heart or some other cool design, rather than just the hook and I am thinking about cutting and curly-q-ing the sides of the hanger. I think molding the wire hanger will also help that it hangs a bit crooked because of more weigh on one side. Not sure, but for now I like it.

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jayayceeblog said...

It turned out so cute ... love those fabric flowers!!! And it was just plain fun -- thanks, sweetie!