(single) guy mentality - the proposal

Saint went golfing with the guys and came back with this story.

One of his friends, we'll call him Captain, said, "Guys, I gotta tell you something. I, I'm getting married." He looked devastated.

The guys (probably in unison) asked, "How the hell did that happen?"

Captain, "Honestly, I have no idea. One moment I was telling her that I thought we should talk about maybe getting married since we've been together for awhile and three days later, she bought the ring, picked a date and booked the place."

The guys answer, "Get out now."


jayayceeblog said...

Oh, the smell of desperation! He probably should run!!! I can just imagine the looks of horror on all of their faces.;-D

I am passing on to you the Creative Writing award - you can have fun with this one. I detest lying, but "creative writing" is a whole 'nother story.


Katie's Dailies said...

That's a pretty bold move on the girl's part. Guess she heard the words "getting married" and ran with it!