The bachelor, Jake and Vienna break-up

Wow, watching the bachelor interview with Jake and Vienna was literally the hardest thing I've had to deal with in the past couple of years.

I know exactly how both of them feel. It sounded so much like the marriage I was in.

It broke my heart.

I have never been a fan of Vienna. I don't know her, but being that she is on tv and in the news, I am allowed to have a opinion. I think she is young, naive and very needy.

That is the problem with this relationship. From the start, my mom and I knew they couldn't be right for each other simply because (we feel) Vienna needs someone who is constantly doting on her. Meanwhile, you have Jake, the pilot who makes his living being away from home. It just wasn't going to be a good mix.

Vienna gets to feeling bad, lonely, etc and her mind starts to wander into dangerous territory. Jake is tired after work, flying, and he just wants to kick back, but he's got to console Vienna. She gets upset because he doesn't want to console her and picks at him til he can't contain himself. A circular relationship.

The constant picking, nagging, bickering, anger, pointing fingers - OMG - listening to it - not so much the direct problems, but the way they communicate (or don't rather) - is exactly what my three years of marriage was like.

I wanted to cry for them, except I was too busy trying not to turn it off so I wouldn't have to listen, yet I wanted to see it. (like a train wreck)

I felt bad because you could see they truly did at one time care about each other.

But no one will really ever know why or what happened except the two of them.

I really feel bad for Chris though. I mean, to have to sit through that and mediate? Uhg!!

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jayayceeblog said...

That interview was so painful to watch. She definitely has a lot of growing up to do. Saying that she went to the tabloids first because she 'knew' he would if she didn't. What??? And he really never did get a word in edgewise. Would absolutely drive me nuts. No surprise it didn't last.