books, books and more books

I found "The Postmistress" by Sarah Blake at the used bookstore yesterday. Zoiks!! What a find! It's hardback which is a bit of a bummer, but it was on my running list of books I'd like to read so it's still a good find.

The thing is, I have to finish reading Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica. As a person who works with people on a daily basis - all kinds of people, but mostly people completely self absorbed in their own worlds, this book has been incredibly funny. I have laughed through most of it and cringed in some of it. The couple of chapters about how waiters can defend themselves and get back at their customers is hilarious and a bit shocking. He has incredible quotes, insights into the mind that I find refreshing and as a fellow customer service person, he's a god! I couldn't give this book anything less than five stars!!

Here's his blog in case you wanted to read something about yourself, after you've been an ass to your waiter. Otherwise, don't forget to tip your waiter!

What are you reading?


New Jersey Memories said...

I keep seeing that book in Barnes & Noble and haven't read it yet. I've definitely going to read it now.

Duchess said...

Looks like two good books - I'm off to add them to my list of "to read"

jayayceeblog said...

Just finished Service Included, another foodie/restaurant behind the scenes type of book. Definitely want to read Waiter Rant.