Wordless Wednesday - retail cartoon

This cartoon hangs in my work, above our desks.
I look at it quite often.

But mostly, I look at it when I am having a bad day.

We had a guest in the other day that destroyed the dressing rooms. Literally, left the room a mess. Clothes strewn all over. Hangers askew.
Makes me wonder sometimes.
Do they do this at home?
Would they do this at their mother's house? mom don't answer - :)
And more questioning, when clothes are dirty, have a stain,do they think that it could be because they leave clothes
on the floor, step on them, kick them
and then leave?

After reading this cartoon, though, on those tough days, I realize it doesn't matter.
None of it.
They are clothes.
They are people.
Without either of them, I wouldn't have the job I love.

That, in and of itself, makes me speechless.

Wordless Wednesday


Anonymous said...

I've worked clothes retail, so I always always hang up all my clothes and try to put them back on the rack. Sometimes the salesperson says it's better if they put the items back, but I do try! So I know where you are coming from!

Pamela said...

a good attitude --
hang on to it! It will make you live longer!

Paula said...

I love your attitude! Don't so much love the attitude of the customers who are inconsiderate, but we can pray for them! :-)

And Miles To Go... said...

really makes you think!

Anonymous said...

Iguess what you say is true, but I still can't imagine doing that! Actually, whenever I've tried on clothes and assistant has been right outside the door waiting for me, or I've had one of those hangers with the numbers on it, saying how many items I have. So, even if such inconsideration occured to me, I really wouldn't have the oppurtunity.

jayayceeblog said...

You have learned a good lesson, grasshoppa! Still, I could not work in clothing retail. I'd want to kill them all!!!

Marice said...

that made me wonder too! nice one!

Carver said...

You have a better attitude than I would have.

alicia said...

It's great that a cartoon strip can help you get such a great perspective. Happy WW! Thanks for linkin up.

Katrina said...

That is one thing that I would hate about working at a clothes store...but people can be slobs every where! Have a good week!!


New Jersey Memories said...

Trust me, I've been there. The customers who complain the most of about the lack of service and that there are no salespeople on the floor are the ones who leave the fitting rooms a mess. Guess where the salespeople are? In the fitting rooms picking up all the clothes!