Grace in small things - edition seven

Dedicated to every day life. Nothing special. But nothing less than incredible.

1. Being free of the chains of smoking, nicotine and the need to light up. I do not miss the smell or the taste. But mostly, I am so thankful that it doesn't have it's hold on me. I don't have to smoke. I don't need to smoke.

2. Craigslist and my new find - Big Love. I used to watch this show when I had HBO.
It was my one free time away from real life. I got to feed my nosy addiction of
wanting to know what other people's lives are like. Even if it is a tv show.
I am deeply fascinated by others religions and cultures. I am on season 2
and working my way around to season 3.

3. Wine. A nice glass of wine after work, especially when I am sitting near the bbq
waiting for what will inevitably be a juicy steak, potatoes and corn on the cob.

4. Being in such a wonderful relationship that I totally forgot to go out and
watch fireworks, we were so enjoying our evening.

5. Feeling such goodness inside that I enjoy work. Even though I am working on a holiday weekend, I am still in such a good mood which transcribed to really good mood customers. Imagine that.


jayayceeblog said...

Now that's some good grace ... happy for you! =)

Duchess said...

Yay for happy things! Congrats on shaking the nicotine habit :0)