inattentive parenting satisfaction

I had this family in the other night, shopping around, but in reality they were just wandering around looking at things while they waited for their dinner reservation. Which is code for the parent's walked around and talked while the kids ran, RAN, and destroyed everything in their path. We were all waiting passionately for them to go eat dinner.

Lo and behold, the kids popped back up later in the evening - do people NOT watch their kids anymore? Or is that just me.

They ran (again RAN) through the store, hiding under the racks and making a cacaphony of noise. One of my sales associates kindly told them this wasn't a playground and to behave. They left.

BUT came back later, right before we closed.

Now, I wanted really badly to ask them to come back with their parent's, but I know from experience comments like that infuriate parents who are lackluster about parenting in the first place, so I refrained. I watched as these two rascals hid behind a clothing rack and proceeded to spray a megaton of cologne on their shirts.

At first, I wanted to ask them to stop that, but then it occurred to me that they would just go into the next store and do the same. So I didn't say a word. Instead, I watched them bathe in the cologne to the point where i could smell them from six feet away.

I realized I had won. These inattentive parents would have to sit in the same car with these two angels and smell them the entire ride home. Not to mention try to finish their dinner with the pig pen lingering. I felt very satisfied knowing they would be inconvenienced as much as I felt I had been. Not to mention, those kids definitely ruined their shirts from the amount of oils left in the fibers from the spraying.

Completely unrelated, I woke up with this Melissa Etheridge song stuck in my head, so I found it on my itunes and blasted it while getting ready for work. Why, oh why can't I find the OFFICIAL video instead of some f'd up pic video? Just plain weird.


Carol said...

I used to tell Mo if she misbehaved in a store we would not be allowed back. She believed this for the longest time, until someone else's hellions showed her it wasn't true. Then I just removed her from the store. She never did that again because by the time she was allowed back in the store the Polly Pocket she wanted was gone.

jayayceeblog said...

I think you've hit on the answer to unattended kids. Just hand them a spray bottle of cologne and tell them they can only spray it on their own clothes. Ingenious! Then if the parents come in to complain, you can tell them you need to charge them for all the cologne their kids used while playing in the store alone!!!!!