Book Review: Digging to America by Anne Tyler

Book Club is in two weeks and I am feverishly trying to read through the book Digging to America by Anne Tyler.

I had just started Nicholas Spark's book The Lucky One when my mom reminded me that book club is coming up and she is done with the book. Darn, I really hate reading more than one book at a time because that usually means I didn't like one of them or I forget where I was in the book.

Mom said not to worry as this is an easy read, but I just want to make sure I get it read so I can participate. Y'know?

So far though, I am sad to say I am not impressed with Digging to America. I feel like I keep waiting for something to happen in this book. It feels stagnant like they are setting up the characters for something to happen, yet I am already almost half way done. So I really hope it gets better and pulls me in soon. There are some really touching moments like when the girls come to America, but it feels like I am missing something.

I am probably just spoiled though because I just read Jeannette Walls new book Half Broke Horses and I could not put it down!

It literally read itself it was so good. I loved every second from the part where she begins in the rural farm of her parent's to the city life and then in between being a teacher in the frontier. Just amazing stories that seem so surreal. She is an amazing woman who I can't imagine being since she rides across states at the age of fifteen on a horse all by herself. Simply in awe of this woman who wants to make her own way in life and surely ends up doing so. It is a must read!

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jayayceeblog said...

Digging to American is definitely a "quiet" read about family dynamics. I liked it, though. Now I'm putting Half Broke Horses on my To Read List!