Horrible Bosses Movie

If you haven't seen Horrible Bosses yet, you are missing out! I laughed so hard, I actually started tearing up at one point.

My favorite character is Charlie Day who plays Dale Arbus, who is being harassed by his female boss who doesn't let an opportunity go by to grab his penis. She is constantly trying to get him to sleep with her even though Dale is happily engaged. Jennifer Aniston did a fantastic job of being the sexual harassing boss. I was so surprised. It wasn't a role I felt Aniston would flourish at and yet she was great. There is a part where Dale has accidentally inhaled some cocaine and he becomes a crazy person moving at the speed of light. There's a part where he is in the car, as lookout and ends up entertaining himself. Hilarious!

I was hard pressed to find a character that wasn't awesomely funny.

Jamie Fox is Motherfucker Jones - the amount of times they say Motherfucker in a five minute period is amazing

Colin Farrell (who is always incredibly sexy plays a really ugly guy, bummer)

Kevin Spacey plays the worst bad guy that I have seen him play in a movie

Looking for a good laugh, check out this movie.

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Unknown said...

I'm so happy to hear that this one is hilarious! I've been dying to see it ever since I first heard about the premise and saw Jennifer would be part of it. I guess I'll have to go see it sometime soon.