Five senses friday

The sizzling of food mixed with the sharpness of the chinese language

Frustration because I ordered orange chicken and sweet and sour pork, yet they messed up and instead brought orange chicken and sweet and sour chicken.
Guilty because I really wanted sweet and sour pork, but didn't want to ask them to remake it.
Mad because I forgot they made the wrong dish them still tipped them twenty percent.

Lobster swim in the tank farther down the restaurant
Strange posters with marker colored on them, like school pictures, with the daily fish special
Saint and I enjoy another wonderful dinner/date night together

Smelling: The burn of my fingers because the tea cup doesn't have any handles???? (who does that?)
The wonderful aroma of really good chinese food (despite the atmosphere)

Warm, moist, chewy chicken smothered in spicy orange sauce and very sweet, very sour chicken with juicy pineapples and crispy vegetables

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jayayceeblog said...

Oh, great ... now I'm craving Chinese food! :-D Very descriptive. I love the "bad memory" fortune!

AVCr8teur said...

Well, they got half the order right. Now I am getting hungry...