Wordless Wednesday - allergy relief

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My humidifier has been a saving grace this past week. It is week six of my feeling like I am sick. Went to the allergist today and she told me exactly what I thought - I shoulda been a doctor - I am suffering from allergies with a mild underlying of a virus. I am debating going back to my general physician simply because I am starting to feel better, as of two days ago. Not sure if it's because I have been sitting directly under my humidifier when I'm home mixed with lots and lots of rest and I have given in and been taking medicine constantly. I get so tired of feeling full of medicine. It's been kinda funny. Like a really cool way to experience California traffic only no congestion (except in my chest) and in place, a very cool, fine mist of humidity.

Ahhh, relief. Even if only in it's smallest form.

Oops, so much for wordless.

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Symphony of Love said...

Hope you'll get better soon.