like a kid on christmas morning

I was up this morning before seven am.

It is now about quarter til nine am and I am ready to go. I'm trying to stretch out my getting ready part. I am now breathing and trying to enjoy a cup of coffee.

I'd like to just race out the door.

But alas, I wait.

We aren't supposed to leave til ten. And it'll only take me maybe five minutes to get to mom's house.

It will be my first ever Literary Luncheon where I get to go and meet the author, listen to them speak about their new book, sign it and enjoy some grub.


We get to the bookstore and wander around a bit before realizing we should get in line to purchase the tickets before they sell out. This is one of the times where it doesn't matter when you purchase your tickets, just that you get them. Usually your number in line is given in the order you purchase tickets. Last time we attended a signing, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, we waited til almost midnight, but I couldn't stay awake being that I worked that morning at 4am.

I love this store. It is truly heaven. They have a mixture of used and new books. All of which seem to have really good prices. The people who work here really care about the store itself - whether people are finding books, they make good recommendations. I like that.


About twenty minutes before it's going to begin we meander over to the section and find seats. We like to sit up front so we choose the second row since the first is taken.

They have set up a buffet to the left of the seats and there is a table, chair and podium for the author up front.

Women and men mill around us speaking in loud whispers. All of them hold the book. We all look like children waiting. Just waiting. Not sure what to expect. But excitement in the air.

It's so wonderful to be surrounded by people who have a similar love that I do. It's like I know they get me. It's that feeling of being accepted without fail. Reminds me of school. Whenever I took an AP class I knew I would have 45 minutes of uninterrupted learning because usually the kids who took those classes wanted to learn so desperately that we all asked questions; we all sucked up the knowledge. Most people have become so cavalier about life.


The author reminds me of Ichabod Crane. It may be the way he carries himself or his mannerisms. Regardless that is what comes to mind when I see him. Yet, the minute he sits down to read from his novel, he is instantly transformed into lively animation. Even the features on his face come alive.

He has an incredible way with the English language. He is able to transform the simplest words and make them come alive. I usually don't go for books that are mostly description because I find myself eventually skimming through to get to the conversations. But there is something about the way he forms the words that it carries the book in my mind.



After about an hour of him reading and answering questions, it is over.

I kept thinking the entire time that it could be me in the future. I want to be an author. I have so many stories in my head and a few I have been working on, but not religiously. I swear so many times I will get serious, but I have yet to begin. There will come a time. I usually write so well after hours that it makes it tough to have a real job, but one day it will become so.

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jayayceeblog said...

The author's luncheon was great. I can't wait to read his book!