Wordless Wednesday - allergy relief

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My humidifier has been a saving grace this past week. It is week six of my feeling like I am sick. Went to the allergist today and she told me exactly what I thought - I shoulda been a doctor - I am suffering from allergies with a mild underlying of a virus. I am debating going back to my general physician simply because I am starting to feel better, as of two days ago. Not sure if it's because I have been sitting directly under my humidifier when I'm home mixed with lots and lots of rest and I have given in and been taking medicine constantly. I get so tired of feeling full of medicine. It's been kinda funny. Like a really cool way to experience California traffic only no congestion (except in my chest) and in place, a very cool, fine mist of humidity.

Ahhh, relief. Even if only in it's smallest form.

Oops, so much for wordless.


jayayceeblog said...

Relief is in the air ... very cool steam shot! Now get better!!!

Anonymous said...

nice shot of the mist -- I can totally relate! Happy WW!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I lurves my humidifier! They are the best.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Yep, breaking out the humidifiers, as we speak...comment...blog...uh, you know what I mean, right!?!?!?

Miz Katie said...

i've never tried using a humidifier for my allergies. i bet it would help with the stuffed up head, ears and foggy brain. hm..

have you tried using a neti pot? that's what's been bringing me a lot of relief lately. i hate medication, also. all it does is make me pass out. i still wake up feeling nasty..sometimes worse cuz it gives me a case of "teh cranky" along with feeling sick. blech.

Natalie said...

oh, i remember those humidifiers from my childhood...not fun. hope you're feeling back to normal soon! great snap, by the way. :)

-nat @book, line, and sinker

Ron Cooper said...


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