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The most amazingly drama filled, crap loaded episode ever!!


The wrestler, Rater R has a girlfriend? Who cares? Yes, he is an ass. There is bound to be at least a few asses on this show. Not to mention, he is on tv. He is a professional tv wrestler. He had a girlfriend. HOW did the show miss this? (pause) That's what I thought. All tv ratings.

The drama with Ali and Chris, a bit over the top.

Who is Jessie? And how the hell has Jessie incorporated into this? And Jessica - his girlfriend, made up pretty much like she is ready for tv interviews. Ugh. Just gross.

HOW can a tv show, based on tv cameras, not catch the gy sneaking off for a call to his girlfriend???

I do however, give Ali the HIGH FIVES for going after the truth and trying to get Justin to talk about it. But it's live tv. When you're caught, who wants to be seen as the liar? He was out of there as fast as his bum leg would carry him . . . through the bushes of the hotel. And I gotta say, I never get tired of hearing a guy stutter when their trying to cover up a lie. It's quite funny.

I find it funny that Craig R would say that if you've already been married, then you wouldn't want to jump right back in. Oh uhm, yes, if you figured out what happened; what went wrong and what you want - then as the quote goes, "The minute you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want your life to start right now!"

Olive Oil wresting in Turkey? Do you think they use EVOO? I don't really get the Craig thing. I don't see a love connection with him. He would be great friends with Ali, but love? I just don't see it. (oh wait, SPOILER ALERT, he was not given a rose)

Every woman should have one of those belly dancing outfits in their closet! Forget wearing it for some guy (sorry Saint I swear I didn't mean it), but I want one because they sound awesome and make your belly look flat and beautiful. Speaking of which, where is mine?? lol

For a more in depth look at The Bachelorette check out this blog. She has great pics and lots of good dirt on the show.

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jayayceeblog said...

I don't know why I continue to have faith that these schmucks are for real. I wanted the wrestler to be a good guy. {sigh} Well, I'm still pulling for Roberto!!!