Metablogging - to follow or not to follow


In the beginning, I would find a blog and follow them simply because I liked their writing. Maybe I even only liked that one post that I read, but I always thought, if later, I didn't really relate to their writing then I would just unfollow.

Easy, thinking.

Like? Follow

No like? Unfollow

But the fact is, once I really got started following people I had so many people I couldn't possibly go through and read all their posts. And as a fellow blogger, I AM A SUPPORTER. If you blog and I like your blog, I want to support you. I want you to know that I am listening. Which means I comment on your blog. Especially when it reaches out and grabs me.

But if after many times of visiting your blog, I don't relate or the post doesn't make me comment, I feel the need to unfollow.

Is this wrong? To unfollow?

I wouldn't think so.

Then I get comments from people who ASK ME TO FOLLOW THEM and I gotta be honest, I think this is rude. I think it is assumptive. I think this feels like high school where if I am cool I will have a million followers.

Is that the goal? To just have followers?

I feel the goal is not to just have a side bar that has a million followers, but to find blogs that you care about and read them, then comment on them. If you read that blog constantly, follow it. Share it. Etc.

Yes it is oh so cool to read and comment on blogs like Dooce or Pioneer Woman, but by the time we really get to these maybe they are already a paying job. Not to say anything bad about that. There isn't. Heck that would be an awesome job. And I constantly read both those blogs. I even own Pioneer Woman's cookbook - it's signed - but I am looking to support my fellow bloggers who are out there letting their voice be heard too. But does that mean, I should go around the blogosphere and just click follow on every blog?

The point?

Please don't ask me to follow you.

If I am playing along with a follow me day, cool, follow me. But do you really need to ask me to follow?

If you love a blog, follow it.

If you love a post, comment on it.

Wanna contribute to Metablogging week? Go here. Or go check out Scmutzie bc I like her blog. (yes, I follow her)


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by! I am the complete opposite. I can live (note i said can, not without internet but i love me some cable. my husband is an internet freak so it's very difficult at our house b/c we have neither:( we moved 2 months ago and just haven't had the extra money to put towards that! maybe soon :)

Duchess said...

I just had the first experience with "follow me back" and I was stuck trying to figure it out. I started this as a way to meet new people and maybe make a few new friends but casual and fun was top on my list. With the follow me posts I feel pressured and like it's a popularity contest which I avoided like the plague most of my life.

I'm glad to be following friends with you and I support your decisions either way :0)

Shell said...

I agree. I don't mind if someone tells me in their comment that they are a new follower, as long as something in their comment is actually about their post and then I will go check them out. Especially if they have a common name and I end up assuming that it is another person with that same name that alreaday follows.

jayayceeblog said...

I went through this following dilemma a few months ago. I have a bunch of blogs that I read when I can. But it's about connecting ... even in cyberspace!

Juli Ryan said...

I am in the follow for follow camp--within reason. I won't follow you back if I don't like your blog. But following back really helps you out, and I want us all to succeed at what we do. Me and you. Too many "big" bloggers are stingy with their follows. Good luck!

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Interesting, and well written. I like this post a lot, made me think.

For me blog is self expression, and learning, and challenging myself, and that being said yes we all want people to read us. You know, experience the brilliance that is us... then that fades, and
you remember why you started the damn thing!

Great post.

foxy said...

I've surfed onto you blog, and happy to have landed here. Fairly new to this online writing community myself, but oh so grateful to have found it. It turns out that I really love writing, and the community that comes with writing and sharing via a blog. I was actually surprised at how many people actually read what I had posted, and chose to 'follow' me. I follow a gizallion blogs, and don't hesitate for a minute to hit follow when i stumble across someone interesting and relevant. I also don't hesitate to un-follow, especially if I am not reading what they have to say anymore or if it becomes un-relevant. No one has ever 'asked' me to follow them - that is weird.

The relevancy I found on your blog was is that I too have TMJ problems. Since 10th grade. I would wake up in the morning and my jaw would be locked shut. Warm heat and pressure for 10-30 minutes would calm it down and leave me with a nasty pop, but at least i could open my mouth. I've seen a dozen different drs and dentists over the years, they always assure me that they can help, but their 'treatment' always makes the problem worse. I do clench my teeth at night, but the night guards make the locking so much more difficult to release. this past year has been really stressful and the locking has started up again. I worry that someday the joint will simply give out. Until then... se la vie.

Wishing a happy and safe 4th!