wordless wednesday answer from yesterday

In case you visited yesterday, the answer to where I was in my Wordless Wednesday post is -

And surprisingly, I didn't buy anything. We stopped in because we had to use the restroom. (lol) Yes, I work in retail and I still go into establishments and only use the bathroom. But that is what happens when I drink a full glass of water, tea and other stuff at lunch, then try to walk around the shopping center. Whoops, no way to drive home like that. Friends don't let friends drive home with a full bladder. (or mom's don't let daughters . . . )

It was so pretty and clean and spacious, I felt the need to take pictures. (uhm, Sacks I mean, not the restroom) Which I am sure the workers there thought was oh so uncouth. As I too wonder sometimes what people are thinking when they are doing some randomly weird, unexplainable thing in my store.

I honestly, don't think I have ever bought something at Sacks. Have you? I felt so much like in Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany's where she just wants to have some token from the place of heaven. Well, maybe not heaven, but man, is that a cool looking store or what?

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jayayceeblog said...

It was a gorgeous store, but way too empty with way too many salespeople moving stuff around to look busy. =)