Martha Monday - the craft room make-over

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Martha Monday

I do not have very many "before" pictures of my craft room simply because a) I rarely ever went in there and if I did it was to stow an item or eight million and/or b) it is really really messy. Not photo worthy.

Here is just a glimpse of some of the way I had my stuff "organized."

Went to IKEA
I went to IKEA four times!!
On the last time I actually purchased furniture.
But that wasn't the end of it.
I went back one more time because out of the three pieces of furniture, one was missing a piece and one was broken.

I bought a cube with 12 places for storage.
I bought a corner desk and the elongated matching desk.

Then I went to Walmart and purchased six extra large square canvas baskets.
This combined with the other smaller canvas baskets, mixed with the baskets I already had should be more than enough to organize effectively.

It took 8 hours to put all this furniture together!!!

Now I couldn't just organize the craft room.
It became a full apartment overhaul.
In order to get everything in the craft room I had to move the table out to the patio, the bookshelf into the closet and then organize.

Which is actually great because then I had room for the papasan that I love. I have been holding on to that little treasure for a couple years. It's really the reading chair. So cozy for a long book.
Should Saint decide to move in after his lease is up (ooh, crossing fingers), he will have space for a desk too.

As you can see, Tuesday was psyched to get her much loved window seat back. A prime spot on the desk. Though she and I both know that during serious crafting, that bed will be put on the floor. Not that she cares, she will simply lay on whatever - papers, pens, etc.

I love the colored cubes. Yet, I find myself trying to organize them so they look better. Ugh, the falls of a Type A personality.

I organized this room about five times before I finally felt it was good enough for a break. All my stuff just kept multiplying so there way always more to organize and go through. Crazy.
Tuesday again, checking out her new diggs.

Here are the final pics, after all the major papers, tools and crap where thrown out or organized into better systems.

Here is my desk. Chair has got to go. Any suggestions on a cool, comfy chair? This one is great, but as you can see there is not one but two pillows to help with comfort. It is a bit broken so when I sit in it, it falls back.

Check out the cool new Making Memories desktop carousel! It was on sale at Michael's craft stores. WOOT!

I did keep a couple of the plastic shelving units. The little one is so organized, I couldn't get rid of it. The two filing cabinets under the desk will have to be gone through and combined. I don't plan to keep the little plastic one that has apparently died on one of the moves.

Ahhh, papasan you and I have a date with an awesome book very, very soon.

What has inspired you this week?


jayayceeblog said...

Your craft room is looking awesome. Love that you have room for a reading chair in there. I have a thing for baskets and all of the cloth covered ones on your cube shelf look great. Nicely done!

lori vliegen said...

you did a fabulous job organizing your studio!!! i love your cubbies (i also love ikea.....i could move in there tomorrow...) and your desk/work table is awesome! i would say you've created a wonderful playground for yourself!! :))

Shell said...

It looks fabulous!!!!

But, 8 hours??? Wow.