the news reel - subliminal loops

Have you ever sat and watched the news for say, hours and hours on end?


Me either.

Uhm, except for the other morning.

I have had the news on since a little after eight am. Yes, on a day off, I woke up after eight am. Life is good. Minus a brief change of channel for one hour to watch Martha. Yes, that Martha. The one with all the cool ideas and a small stint in the big house.

ahem, i digress.

The news people, how long do they stay out in the terrible accident areas? A few hours? Thirty minutes? Or all day long? Bc I really have to wonder.

Were they really only able to get about a dozen good shots in the time they were there?

The only ones they keep showing - all. morning. long. - suck. Yes, they suck. (insert four year old description)

Seriously, give me a camera and I could get better shots, different views and more graphic detail than they acquire and RESHOW for hours on end. Why don't they have someone who goes out every couple hours to get NEW SHOTS? Or I don't know, maybe they could set up a camera that takes automatic shots.

This is how we get our news????

I am deeply disappointed.


The Caffeinated Globe said...

Sometimes I just "sit and watch the news for hours and hours."

In my latest post, I mentioned you, your blog, and your lunch idea. See for yourself:"

Duchess said...

I'm always sad at the news and I try not to watch it for too long.

jayayceeblog said...

They do the same thing with the entertainment shows. It's 12 hours later and the exact same story and pictures are still being shown.