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It is inevitable that after a long, slow day at work with maybe a handful of people each hour that two minutes before I get to close someone will walk in who is "just looking" which is code for "I just want to walk around wasting time and touch everything so you have to go back and fix it all."

I do not like to do dishes. Could I just have someone come over and do them for me? I realize I live alone and only own one set of dishes. Actually it is not even a complete set as I have broken a bowl and a small plate. Damn, add that to the list of things to buy. I keep forgetting. Anywho, I really just don't like to do dishes. It is so repetitive. And if I was really smart, which apparently I am not, I would immediately wash out that one bowl or plate and set it on the side where it would dry. Then when I need a bowl or plate I would just use that one. Nope. Not happening. Back to beginning of paragraph - WANTED DISH WASHER.

It is NOT a good idea to use the stove after I have to work a closing shift. A) it is late at night b) my brain just doesn't function as well at night because engaging both my body and my mind at the same time = not happening. Example - putting a pot holder in one hand then lifting the boiling lid with the other = oops! Just do not cook late at night. period.

I am feeling funny lately. Anyone else have this? I honestly, just say sh*t. Whatever comes out. And then I laugh. I think maybe I have the giggles. Or something.

I would like to have a third arm/hand. It would make it easier to scratch that elusive place on my back and is ALWAYS itchy, but I can't reach. It would also make putting on my lidocane patches a skosh less painful. It would make carrying groceries up three flights of stairs cooler and quicker. I could then text and drive at the same time, since I have given that up. OH! I could blog while feeding my face!! And now I no longer want a third arm/hand because I feel fat.


Shell said...

I HATE doing the dishes. HATE it.

jayayceeblog said...

I don't mind doing the dishes, but cleaning the bathrooms? Forget it! And a third arm? All I need is one more body part that will add weight to the scale! =)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

If you find a dishwasher....be on the lookout for someone to do the laundry. I hate laundry