sigh, love rocks

Seriously, people, can this get any better?

Here I am sitting on the couch while the coffee is brewing, typing away on my computer while Saint sits on the couch next to me reading his book (one of my favs too - Nelson DeMille Charm School) while Tuesday is crashed out next to him. Izabel, if you must know (snicker), is lounging in front of the coffee table and keeping watch over the house because heaven forbid something happen while someone is not watching. (she is very suspicious of everything)

This is THE BEST Sunday morning.

I woke up and Saint was gone. I got up, fed the kitties and then crawled back into bed. Later, while dozing in and out, Saint snuck back in with groceries. He crawled back in to bed and we had some cuddle time. I showered (because sadly I have to work today) and then threw coffee in the pot.

Now, here I am.

It is so quiet. I can hear myself typing and the coffee percolating. Occasionally, I can hear the soft, but low "brrrrrr" from Izabel tooting that "all is well." But mostly, it is just quiet and ever so peaceful.

Is this how marriage is supposed to be? (without getting too far ahead of myself, given that Saint and I are not married, nor even living together) (another snicker)

Is this what a real, relationship is like?

Because man have I been missing out.

Once again - sigh, love rocks!


jayayceeblog said...

Sounds like the perfect Sunday morning! And, yep, that's what a good relationship feels like. Good for you!!!

Duchess said...

Glad that it's feeling awesome :0) I love that feeling when the Boy and I wake up early and we just sit around and enjoy life together :0)