Big Brother 13 - episode 2

AllStars vs Newbies (see previous post to catch up)

Does anyone else find it sad that there were three showers last season and only ONE this season?? Are they trying to spice it up when people don't want to wait?

Dick and Danielle - I find it sad that they can have a really great relationship out in Big Brother, but not in real life.

Porsche - has great ideas, but her head is in the clouds with trying to align so early, they will just pick her off first as a cast away from both sides

OMG I CANNOT STAND RACHEL'S VOICE!! She sounds so whiny and high pitched and ugh!

Haha Jeff cannot believe his in an alliance with Dick, Danielle, Brandon and Rachel! Jeff and Jordan are so funny together, they are so good to each other.

Dick is really funny when he isn't yelling and screaming at people.

I love all the butt kissing and yet, I am a total fan of faking it to make peace. So I am guessing I would be right along with all the play acting. Which is again why Dick would drive me nuts. He likes controversy. And it begins, Rachel and Brandon act stupid (or normal) while everyone else thinks for them and assumes they aren't a threat, so they keep them longer. That's why sometimes it isn't about the best player, but being underestimated could be a good strategy.

Rachel is the proverbial vain person out there. She thinks everyone is out to be more pretty than her and yet, she needs to just figure out a way to be happy with herself. I love that Brandon has no problem telling her he loves her. Sadly it will take him awhile to realize she uses him to make herself feel better.

Ugh, over thinking.

I find it funny that they are the ones who got to pick their alliances, and yet they are strategizing to pulverize what they chose originally. Dominic is turning into previous season's Enzo and we all know how that ended.

Keith is going down. He is in three different alliances - one he doesn't even want to be with (All Stars), one from each team and his partner. He is then going against his original alliance and using what she said to beef that new alliance up. Not trustworthy at all. Always keep those alliances separate til necessary.

Have-Nots are back -
Cold Showers
Big Brother Slop
Sleeping in most uncomfortable bedroom
HOH & Partner not eligible to become have-nots
First Have Not Competition: Space Milk Moutain (aka:Mooon)
Haha - suck up the milk, go to the space station to be milked by your milk man
Seriously they are like humping each other to squeeze the milk out and strangling each other
OMG I haven't laughed this hard in so long. They look so idiotic. I can't stand it. I have to try this at home somehow!!
This weeks Have-Nots are -
Orange Calves - Kala, Lawson, Cassi and Shelley
Blue Calves - Danielle, Dick, Jeff and Jordan
Green Calves - Keith, Adam, Dominic, Porsche

I find it hilarious that there are double the amount of newbies as All Stars and they are still losing big. Then there is Dick "They're like a bunch of three stooges running around." and Adam is their guinea pig. Use Adam on the block side to send home the one he wants. That's such BS!! We will put you on the block, but you can't put us up and we won't send you home, but we want your votes too. Ugh Dick, seriously? Good thing Adam is smarter than that.

WHO DOESN'T LOVE JORDAN AND JEFF?? They had a great conversation with Shelley. Apparently they remind them of her and her husband.

Wow, right. Golden Key - send their partner home and the other person gets the golden key and stay til 10 people left. Who do you send home and then which partner do you give a free pass to? Big Brother, this is actually a good idea. Who knew!

I crack up laughing every time someone says the word TRUST on this game. Hello?!?!?! It's a game.

Safe -
Danielle and Dick
Jeff and Jordan
Lawon and Kalia
Shelley and Cassi
Adam and Dominic

Keith and Porsche

Completely strategic. LOL

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am loving it and Jeff/Jordan are just adorable. They gave Danielle a golden key. It's a great twist to this season!