The other day I was sitting on the couch at Raindrop's house cracking away on his roomie's laptop (which I plan to buy from him bc it is OH SO COOL) while Raindrop (my BF) and Montana (roomie) sit on the floor watching the end of The Family Man movie. I do not know why these guys like to sit on the floor, but given that I get the couch; I'm fine with it.

I love this movie. Seriously. It is so sweet and so wonderful.

But I truly believe that all of us should have the kind of love that requires a brisk run through the airport only to proclamate love for all to hear.

As the credits start to run, Montana proclaims, "WHAT HAPPENS NOW? I wanna know! That sucks how are you supposed to know if they stay together or not?"

I laugh because this guy has just gone through a breakup with his ex-girlfriend, again. This has to be the ultimate in heartbreaks - the rebreak up. Not only did you fall in love the first time, but chose to do it again knowing all the crap from before. Then again, minus the breakup he's a bit of a romantic.

My response, "It's a romance movie., Of course they stay together. And they have those babies and live in the suburbs and are happy forever and ever. I mean IT'S A LOVE STORY FOR PETE'S SAKE!! It's meant to be sappy and happy, so OF COURSE they live happily ever after."

But of course, he's stubborn and continue to complain that they don't tell what happens.



Whadya do?

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