it's not a tumor

It is day four of my swollen throat gland. It still hurts. Actually it feels like I am swallowing glass each time. Not to mention my ear still hurts too.

This is so me. To be the one with the unknown diagnosis. Where they say, "oh sweetie you'll be fine in a couple of days. Just go home, take some aspirin and drink lots of liquids."

Meanwhile I'm still feeling like crap with nothing to do about it.

So I consulted Wedmd to find out what it is -

Tonsillitis - nope don't have these anymore
Viral Pharyngitis
Mono - already had years ago
Lyme Disease
Scarlet Fever
Swollen Glands - OMG really???
Indoor Allergens - uhm, yes
Cat Scratch - I do have cats, but no scratch; for once

Out of all of those, I hate to say it, but I think I may have swollen glands.

And now I am going to go lay down because I can't believe my horrific diagnosis. It's too much too bear.

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