a little blogger confusion

I am a former Wordpress blog, turned owning my own domain, turned blogger blogger and I have to say, blogger is a bit more confusing to navigate than either of the first two.

To start, while signing up for my blog my computer had a small interruption and now when I log into my blog it lists TWO blogs, but they are the exact same name and address, but they are listed as two seperate blogs. I refuse to delete the one I know is not the working blog because I am sure it will delete both blogs and therefore render my blog obsolete.

I also have been having some issues on the templates and layouts aspect, but after further review of the help site and finally, questioning my boyfriend, Raindrop, it is under control.

Two things have come to light since beginning this blogger blog -
a) blogger could use some serious layman terms and usage
b) blogger could use an email or phone help line

Not to completely bite the hand that feeds, I do in fact like blogger. After many days of working it, I am figuring out all the wonderful things it does have to offer. It may come about in a roundabout way, but it can be easier.

To be completely honest, I deleted my blog to move on from my past. I have blogged for over five years and I loved it, but it was time to clean out the muck. And blogger offers to work with Blogherads, while wordpress doesn't. It's that simple. Minus all the cussing that has gone on since getting started on blogger.

Currently I am writing this post and at the same time looking for the buttons that indent and such??? Also upon adding the hyperlinks, it posts them directly within the post creating an odd looking html mid words post.

I can see this will be an interesting path of learning and throwing small fits.


Misguided Mommy said...

wait, so you deleted the old blog? and also, blogger is like adding 1+1 wordpress more like rocket science

Pepsi Breath said...

Wow, deleting your blog of 5 years!! That took some ovaries! I bow down to you, O future-seeking wise woman. Many happy blog posts to you!

Stacie's Madness said...

I've only been with blogger so I guess I can't compare, but I do find blogger pretty easy...