a rock in my throat

I woke up with a rock in my throat (figuratively). Went to work even though my right gland was crazy swollen and my ear and throat was hurting. I knew I was sick, but it was only in that right side of my head that really hurt.

After being at work for about two hours, another manager came in and said, you should really go home. I don't want to get sick too.

Ahh and there is the kicker. I would have worked. I didn't care too much about it hurting. Even though it did hurt. But I didn't want to get anyone sick.

So because of my swollen gland I went to the doctor.

They stuck a long q-tip down my throat and swabbed. Eww, except that it felt like they were scratching it. Which, like chicken pox, felt good. Other than the slight gagging reflex.

The doctor talked to me about Mono - which I had in high school and supposedly only get once in a lifetime. They stalked about strep. She even used the words puss pocket and cook the swab. Eww.

In the end, I simply have a virus. Nothing more, nothing less. Go home, she said. Drink lots of fluids. Warm liquids will feel the best. Take aleve to help with the pain. It will take about five days to get better.

Which doesn't surprise me. I am usually the one that has no diagnosis, just s simple you'll get better sentiment. (smirk)

So here I sit, with a rock in my throat. Every time I swallow it feels like the pointy thing will puncture my skin (or something). Ugh, it just hurts.

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Stacie's Madness said...

*shew* Mono, I've heard, is a bear!